David Yurman

E-commerce Strategy, Multi-channel User Experience

David Yurman is one of the most successful jewelry companies in the world. Their ambition was to develop a new e-commerce site that focused on the story behind their luxury products as much as providing a new, robust and reliable platform.

They asked Stackhouse to consult on the experience they wished to deliver to their customers. We explored and recommended unique experiences both from traditional user experience and from the technology requirements of a solution that would manage over 5,000 products.



Content Strategy, Market Research, Design

 Bloomberg  Content Strategy

The Bloomberg Terminal is the primary tool for non-algorithmic trading used in the financial industry. The platform is a unique experience that fosters a loyal following of users through the delivery of information and the facilitation of global financial transactions of all types.

The challenge for Bloomberg is to ensure the quality of their brand lives up to, and exceeds, the quality of their product.

This challenge is best approached through the creating and sharing of content across a variety of outlets. Bloomberg understands that by engaging with their customers, both within the Terminal and across the platforms they use daily, they can increase their brand equity and increase loyalty.

This project began with a competitive audit of companies developing products in similar spaces. We then uncovered a variety of influencers and disruptors across the financial sector and mapped successful tactics to potential opportunities.


Activision: Call of Duty

Strategic Positioning, Customer Insights, Trend Research

  Activision: Call of Duty   Strategic Positioning, Customer Insights, Trend Research

Best selling video game

in history

25 Million Gamers

$3B Franchise

Due to restrictions on this project we're allowed only to state the following:

In 2010 we consulted with Activision to explore potential futures of the Call of Duty franchise. During the project we completed a global research program, trend sweep within gaming and the global technology sectors.

Since successfully completing the project Call of Duty generated $1B in revenue faster than any product or service ever recorded. In 2012 it beat its own record generating well over $500M in sales in the 24 hours after launch. 


GE ecomagination

Strategic Positioning, Digital Strategy, Content Strategy, User Experience

  GE ecomagination   Digital Strategy & User Experience

$5B increase in revenue

in three years

Over 37 International Awards

The Most Successful Corporate Environmental Campaign in History

As part of our six year relationship with GE we developed the digital strategy for their highly-successful ecomagination campaign and redefined how GE tells the story of their products from one of technical specs to stories of the people who benefit. You can see the evolution in this digital strategy today in each one of their sites.

Along the way our digital strategy focused on driving innovation with each site we launched, aligning with GE's tagline of "Imagination at Work". From Jeff Immelt in video on the homepage in 2004 to the first responsive Flash to mobile site ever launched by a Fortune 500 company in 2005.



Consumer & SMB Digital Strategy

  HP   B2C & SMB Digital Strategy

As part of HP's rebranding efforts frog was brought in to create an innovative online experience for HP's customers. As part of this project we mapped out trends and interviewed stakeholders from across the organization. This initial work strove to define the needs of HP's customers online and to develop a methodology to improve internal workflow across divisions. 

We then mapped the customer journey to significant trends and challenges to uncover opportunities for innovative solutions. These solution would give HP a market advantage when selling and supporting their products online.



Museum of Modern & Contemporary Arab Art

Digital Strategy

  Mathaf Museum of Modern & Contemporary Arab Art   Digital Strategy

A digital museum with a physical space

Mathaf is the world's first modern and contemporary art museum for Arab artists. It's incredible collection is based on decades of collecting from the royal family of Qatar. At Wolff Olins we worked with the director of the museum to develop an international brand but faced a single daunting challenge: how many people will actually visit the museum?

Doha, Qatar is an international city. Home to Al Jazeera, one of the best universities in the region and an array of world-class museums. But it is not a big tourist destination. Our audience is the youth of the Arab diaspora, those young adults who've been educated around the world and seeking an identity in their families' history.

For this we focused on creating a digital experience that would give any visitor access to the best of what the museum had to offer. The goal was to build a digital museum that happen to also have a physical space so that visitors from around the world could access it any time.


Wolff Olins

Digital Strategy, Product Design, User Experience, Content Strategy

  Wolff Olins   Digital Strategy, Product Design, User Experience, Content Strategy

For many branding agencies "digital" is something other agencies do. At Wolff Olins the goal was to change that. The clear connection between what happens online and how that affects the perception of your brand was obvious to them from the start. My role at Wolff Olins was to integrate "digital" thinking into the strategy process.

The Wolff Olins website became a great place to imbue this thinking across the organization. The site solves several problems integral to the understanding "digital".

The website is designed around blocks, these blocks of content allow the layout to be flexible and natively responsive. Each block can be reordered and replaced with new blocks in the custom-built Content Management System (CMS). Using Node.js and CouchDB our development team was able to build a site with native search and natural SEO ensuring that Wolff Olins' content is easy to find both on the site and across the web.

To facilitate management, and to increase SEO, content for the site is posted using a variety of open platforms from Flickr to Vimeo to Tumblr. Using these platforms means that different teams can update content without the risk of damaging the live site. Additionally, having multiple, high-traffic site linking back to WolffOlins.com increases SEO rank.

Can we monetize our own digital experience?

The site itself is built as a product. The existing look and feel of it is completely flexible simply by changing the CSS. The core platform of content blocks managed through a custom-CMS and multi-platform content updating can be used by any company looking to focus their brand around the content and stories they tell.