Truth vs Idea

Ideas are the product of inventive companies. But innovation and invention alone does not make a product or service a reality. Putting a product or service to market doesn’t make it real, it doesn’t make an idea true. Numerous inventors have tinkered away in obscurity, their inventions never seeing the light of day because there was no one to tell anyone about them. That’s all marketing really is, it’s a service that tells other people about a product, service, company, etc. There’s many methods to making this happen but, when successful, they all lead to one outcome. They make an idea into a truth. 

For better or for worse, marketing is the truth maker. We consume news and content everyday and as the amount of consumption increases it’s up to a mixture of PR, trusted referrals and engaging experience design to grab our attention. Once the attention of a group is engaged, only then is the product or service achieve truth. Truth, it’s said, is the reality that we collectively chose to believe in. There is no concrete truth outside of our beliefs. Even science refers to itself as a collection of hypotheses that have yet to be disproven. This isn’t to say that marketing and advertising are truthful. We know that advertising works by creating false, aspirational realities that we desire to be true. But marketing as a profession is about spreading an idea and thereby, creating “truth”. How that’s done is the complicated part.

But it’s up to companies that innovate to learn and understand the value of marketing. The key role that marketing plays in your product or service. Marketing distributes the message of your product, thereby making your beliefs, truth and your product real.