The personal / professional barrier

complex social map

Social networking from a marketing perspective creates a new issue for us as individuals. How do you separate your personal life from your professional life? Being someone who has been active online mostly for work, I find myself creating various personas online in order to express ideas that aren’t related to, or have no place in, my professional life. Yet I still find myself tweeting personal thoughts into an account that many of my professional contacts have access to. Where does the line get drawn? How do we manage this?

  • Option 1 is that we simply combine everything and let the chips fall where they may.
  • Option 2 is to create fragmented personas online who’s content is only updates sporadically. (case in point)
  • Option 3, we, as professionals, work with our companies to create processes around when to interact as professionals and when to interact as ourselves. Set up managed work accounts for everything and have time dedicated during the day to social media whether you’re a marketing professional or not.

I prefer Option 3 but it only works if the active communicator feels like they have enough things to say online that they can divide them between work and personal life.