The Future of Now

There’s been a great deal of chatter around the revelation that Facebook attempted to purchase Twitter for a previously undisclosed amount (turns out it was $500M). According to this article in AdAge, Twitter turned the deal down because they believe their search engine is worth far more.

I agree that the potential is there for some massive innovation. To spoil the entire article for you but to bolster my own vane opinions, Twitter searches currently represent a snapshot of what’s being said about a certain topic right now. In the future Twitter plans to evolve the technology so that searches can ping the “Twitterverse” for results. Meaning I search for something and you get a request for comment. (There I’ve ruined the article for you.)

This seems pretty cool to me. I like the idea of quantitative research being available to everyone on the Internet. In fact I think it’s very important considering how horribly skewed most research is. eg. that Pepsi brand presentation that’s floating around would have been helped by this.

So where else can this evolution go? How about integrating the search engine in DeepDyve into Twitter search. Imagine being able to enter an entire tweet as a search parameter. DeepDyve utilizes the algorithm used to map the human genome to search for relevant information on the web. So, the longer the search string the more accurate it gets. Seriously.

In other words you could enter your entire skittles rant tweet and get a lot more than just this;

Cause maybe you only wanted to find out if Dick Cheney liked them or not.

(yes it’s been this long since my last posting and this was the best I could come up with.)