Ponzi Scheme

I’ve been wonder what to write about today so I decided I’d just admit something… I don’t know what a Ponzi Scheme is.

The strange thing is. I know a lot about a Ponzi Scheme thanks the Bernard Madoff. I know they are bad. I know that people who enter into them unknowingly end up loosing a lot of money. But, what’s really odd is that I don’t yet know what it is, I couldn’t define it.

Don’t misunderstand, this isn’t a statement of my massive intellect. I don’t believe that I’m so smart that I should know, and so am offended at my lack of knowing, what a Ponzi Scheme is. It’s perplexing only because, right now, I mean now, like this instant. I’m on the internet. In the amount of time it would take me to type wikipedia.org, hit return and then type Ponzi Scheme and hit return again I would know what a Ponzi Scheme is.

So why haven’t I?

I have a thought that it’s simply because I’m interested in not knowing. Normally I’m obsessive about not knowing something. But ever once in awhile I get just enough of an understanding of an important idea that I’m satisfied. Ponzi scheme bad. It’s like Frakenstein. Bad. echoing in a baritone through the chambers of dank castle.

But it’s also that I’m positive that the term is de jour. It’ll be gone in about a month. Yet I should want to discover the meaning of it. I had even planned to look it up, write this and then finish the entry with it’s definition. But now I kinda don’t want to. It’s maliciously amazing to not know. Like a backlash against mainstream. But if you want to know, go check it out.