Open Letter To An E-commerce Site

The shopping experience was a simple process but I was confounded by your flash intro, history and product “info”. I would have preferred a 2-click purchase path for the product I knew I wanted. You’re probably concerned about maintaining the resilience of your brand. or ensuring that I know where you came from. But, by focusing on the shopping experience as the main brand touch-point you can refine the user experience to be more akin to the physical shopping experience.

When entering your physical store there are branded cues everywhere but there isn’t someone standing in front of the me explaining the history or the quality of each product, blocking me from reaching the counter. In the physical space, if the customer wants to buy the product they want, they can do it immediately. The web experience can have this same flexibility and efficiency. It’s just a matter of how you, as the brand manager, perceive the brand and understand it’s annual targets. You’re doing a fantastic job and I’m looking forward to seeing how e-commerce develops in general. Because you’re selling a product that isn’t sized to me, or costs so much I wouldn’t impulse buy it, why not just make it simple?