How to save GM?

How do we save GM? Personally, I think breaking off the design business from the production business is a good start. We don’t want, as a nation, to lose the jobs that American skilled labor deserves. Toyota has proven that American workers can make great cars. GM’s issue is the design. Aesthetically, functionally and, most importantly, technologically GM cars are behind their Asia and European rivals. Yet companies like Tesla Motors would benefit greatly from the production capabilities of GM’s factories. GM could continue building cars. Consumers would have a greater selection of vehicles. Small car designers would benefit from the economy of scale created and laborers would benefit by keeping their jobs. This is the same maneuver AMD just pulled but in reverse. So what’s wrong with it? Well, GM likes to make cars from the same chassis. They like to use the same parts and engines from the same suppliers so everything fits together nicely. This is not a hindrance to this idea, it is a benefit. Great design has always flourished in the face of constraint. No reason small car designers couldn’t as well. Technology-wise, it would not take much capital investment to begin integrating battery technology (check out A123) into the manufacturing process at GM plants. So GM; split your businesses, save people’s jobs and create a new direction for the global auto industry.