hero/innovator and the singular dream


It’s a cheesy phrase; making your dreams come true. But it is because we all see it as an unattainable fantasy, yet this is the thing that our heroes do. It’s why they are “heroes” they transform the image in their mind into reality. They commit themselves completely to a task, they don’t give up, don’t listen to “reason” they simply pursue. Whether these people are athletes or inventors, the process seems to be the same. An indefatigable demand to transform the ethereal image in their minds into a physical reality. These are innovators.

The lesson the innovator learns is that the vision of the thing is only the starting point. That working backwards from the completed product doesn’t end in resolution. It means overcoming things that others see as “impossible” but become possible for two reasons.

1. The innovator knows it’s possible because they can see the final product whether they look into the distance.

2. By overcoming the steps towards the “impossible” they realize that each step makes it more and more possible because each step is a new discovery. (technology leaps only happen to those who aren’t watching where they’re going.)

This article makes me rethink nearly every decision I’ve made since I was 15 and envision an alternative path that could have been. So it’s a wonderful feeling but also a sad one of “could have been” mixed with the knowledge that heroes are the ones who make their dream happen.