Find a place for yourself

Yesterday I ranted a bit about posting everything. I’m standing by that but felt like it’s important to add something to it. When we, as online professionals (god that sounds weak) start posting our lives online, and start editing ourselves down to the marketer within, what happens to the rest of who we are?

I’ve been challenged by this recently. Simple example, in the real world I swear a lot. It’s never been a big deal to me even when I was kicked out of preschool for getting the entire class to chant f**k (long story, tell ya later). But man, I really don’t feel ok with swearing as “me” with you reading. You could be a client of mine and we all know clients don’t swear … ever. I’m just not comfortable doing it.

So a big thing when I first started doing internet stuff was email authentication. We started checking for valid emails because most people faked who they were online. They were scared so they created weird names like Seattle415 or dolphinlover so they could have a sense of anonymity. I like to call these “nomme de guerre” which you can use whenever you want, just give me credit, it’s French.

I think online professionals (yeah, still pretty weak sounding) should all have these. Go make an account with a fake name, invite your fake name to gmail and go live that life of freedom where you can’t with you’re real name. Why not, you created the internet, go enjoy it. Go jump into the #3words thing on twitter and say whatever you want. Imagine a word where you could go get thousands of follows by starting those work-from-home ponzy schemes (oh, you didn’t know that was a scam?).

Do it. Then we can do a joint blog about “my 30 days as a normal person … lolz” imagine all the impressions we’d get from that. If we franchised it Adwords would give us at least $2.50 cpc.

… sorry sorry I’m done. I wrote this last night when it was late. I had to get up early this morning. But I am serious about the importance of a fake persona online. I think everyone who works online should have one. Here’s a cute picture to make nice. sorry again.