Disband Your "Digital" Teams

Collaborate Corporate

It’s time to get rid of your “digital” team. Not your digital agency or the people who are knowledgable in what digital can do for your company, but the team. Break it up, they aren’t doing you any good.

We’re at a new transition in “digital”. There are enough people online now that every aspect of our lives have a physical and a digital presence. Now that you’ve broken up your digital team you can now take these talented people and put them where they should have been the whole time; integrated into your business. Put them with the teams marketing your product, creating your products and services and partner them with those designing the future of your business. Why? Because they see the world the way it will be. They see the world from a perspective where collaboration is central to success. They see the world from a place where sharing of information walks hand in hand with innovation. Presumably they have the skills to make new digital products which translates to your business testing new ideas faster, optimizing from mistakes and bringing those products to market in new ways.

But most significantly each of them have their own focus and interests. “Digital” people may come with some big loaded titles like “nerd” or “geek” and we may share a certain set of beliefs and ways of doing things (see above re: collaborative workflow) but beyond that there is as much various within this broad group as there is in the real world. Technology trends towards specialization and now that the Internet has reached maturity (yes it has) it’s now time to start letting your people specialize. I guarantee that, within these groups, you have talented people who will transform parts of your business.

The company that begins integrating their digital team members across their organization is the company that will discover the next steps in how we connect with each other and create new types of products, no matter what your business. I’m not saying that the “digital” people are your new leaders. I’m not saying that kids out of college know more about business or have a secret understanding of the future; they don’t. But what they do have is a different way of looking at the world, a different way of behaving with the world and that difference is the direction your company is pointed. Teach us and we will transform everything.