• Copy/Paste
  • Video
  • MMS
  • Swappable battery
  • SIM card
  • Upgradable memory

Some of the features on the list above are pretty mundane. Americans don’t really MMS much and many of us don’t have more than one battery for our mobile. But other features seem mundane at first but are truly important must-haves for any “smart” phone. 

For me a phone isn’t smart unless I can copy/paste. If I want to pull information from one location and put it somewhere else I need to copy/paste. And, after receiving an SMS from a friend who intended the message for his wife, I think many other users are realizing that copy/paste is a great feature.

Oh, so real quick. What do all those features have in common? They aren’t available on the iPhone but are on the existing Android phone.

One thing I should make perfectly clear. I have an award, signed by President Reagan, commending me on my “computer excellence”; I was eight. This is only important because the computer I used then was made by the same company as the one I use now… Apple. That’s 24 years of Jobsian wonderment.

So what’s my problem? I think there are basic features that should be available to users who pay more than a couple hundred dollars for a phone. Let me reorder by importance.

  1. Copy/Paste
  2. Video
  3. SIM card
  4. Upgradable memory
  5. MMS
  6. Swappable battery

The first two remain the same for very different reasons. Copy/paste is important for workflow. It’s the difference between really working and just pushing work off until you get to a device that can copy/paste.

Video is important as mobile users, especially ones that want to blog, would prefer to have the feature. Not that it’s important really. But an “iPhone killer” will definitely be able to produce video.

So what’s so big about the rest? Real quick cause these are easy to knock out:

SIM Card: Go ahead and travel abroad for a week or more with an iPhone then check out your bill. After you stop swearing at AT&T remember that, if you could have put in a new SIM, you’d have nothing to bitch about.

Memory: yeah 16GB is a lot. But removable storage has caught up that so now you can pop in a new 16GB and load more Kanye on there. 

Swappable battery … ok, so I’ve never done this. I’ve never owned 2 batteries for the same phone. I’ve even had a phone that needed charging every night, all night, but I just did it and was fine with it. Oh wait, that’s what you have to do with the iPhone. Seriously? 

Apple should be at the forefront of battery technology. So Apple, what happens when Nokia comes out with a phone that can be a WiFi hub for 10hrs straight. Don’t think that’s going to happen?