Call of Duty

Strategic Positioning

Call of Duty is a $3 Billion franchise with a following of over 25 Million gamers. The most recent release generate $1 Billion in revenue faster than any product or service in history, beating the previous record, held by the Call of Duty from the previous year.

Activision approached us to define how the franchise will evolve through 2015. We began by leading a global research program, managed and designed by The Futures Group, to identify opportunity spaces within the franchise's customers. We then worked to uncover the core equities that define the game. Through of series of workshops with key stakeholders we used our customer insights, market intelligence, trend research and stakeholder knowledge to provide a set of guardrails for future versions of the game.

This exploration has led Activision to create an in-game social network known as Elite as well as the industry standard for in-game purchasing. But more importantly, the direction and frameworks that we defined for the inter-disciplinary Call of Duty teams enable them to make decisions faster and focus on what's important: the game and the fans. These guardrails are an integral tool for resolving conflict and enabling innovation with the proof visible in both the passionate fans and increasing revenue for this 10 year old franchise.